Here are just a few. . . 

"At the beginning, I didn't know how to play piano. I didn't even know a note. My dad signed me up and now I know how to play really cool songs. Ali is funny and always makes me smile:)" - student age 8

Alison has been teaching me piano for almost two years now and is helping me transfer my knowledge of music from another instrument to piano. While my fingers were initially slower than my brain, she has helped me to really move along quickly. I enjoy the lessons and I'm pleased with the progress I'm making. -adult student

"Ali is a true piano teacher because she has patience, she cares and helps me to focus. She always encourages and motivates me anytime I feel something's too hard until it isn't anymore." - student age 11

"My daughter started taking piano lessons with Ali at the beginning of the year and she absolutely loves it! She often goes to practice on her own and she really looks forward to her lessons each week. I have referred several of my friends to work with Ali who are also very happy." - parent of 7 year old student.

   "I love piano lessons Ali!" ❤         -  student age 6

  "Ali Tennen has been a musical influence in the lives of my two children. Initially she inspired them as their Music teacher in the TDSB with her creativity, love of music, her endearing character, wisdom and humour. Later, it was as their piano teacher. Within a short time, I witnessed my girls reading and playing music and really enjoying it! Ali is passionate about her craft and those who are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to be instructed by her will be forever changed by the experience in a positive way." -parent of 2 

Ali has been teaching me, an absolute beginner, for just over a year. I'm amazed at how much I have learned. Ali is a great teacher -patient, creative and encouraging. - adult student

"I learned lots of pieces throughout the year and this was good because it was fun to show others I can play a collection of songs. I also like learning new rhythms because it gives me ideas to improvise some of my own music. I improved at a good pace and that keeps me motivated to keep learning piano." - student age 12

" We have been taking lessons with Alison for the last 6 years. She has taught all 3 of our kids since the first time sitting at the piano. All of us - kids and parents -have been so happy with Alison's gentle yet enthusiastic style. We have really enjoyed watching our kids playing develop over the years and they continue to truly enjoy their lessons with her. So many kids give up piano when it starts to feel like more work than reward, but somehow with her philosophy around teaching, her flexibility and her years of experience, Alison has helped keep them on track and interested. - parents of 3 students







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